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The International Union of Architects (UIA) - Region IV Work Programme on 'Architecture For All'

Since the year 2001, HKIA has hosted the UIA Region IV Work Programme on 'Architecture for All'.

Work Programme Mission & Objectives

  • To promote the concept of Architecture for All (AfA) in architectural and urban design to professionals, students, policy makers and communities;
  • To ensure that Architecture for All is understood as an essential component of architectural quality; and
  • To contribute to the inclusion and quality of life of all those impacted by an inaccessible built environment.
To achieve its Objectives
  • By developing and promoting the UIA Friendly Spaces Accessible to All Award;
  • By building, promoting and maintaining a database of exemplary design in AfA which will stimulate and inspire architectural practice;
  • By developing and mainstreaming a website & Facebook page for the WP linked to the UIA;
  • By expanding the network of Architects & others with relevant expertise & interest in AfA;
  • By collaborating with other regional and global organisations with similar objectives;
  • By responding to requests for speakers, exhibitions, events, and jury members;
  • By participating in standards development;
  • By compiling information on the education and training of architects in Universal/Inclusive Design and Design for All to establish best practice in course material, content and delivery; and
  • By co-ordinating activities with other UIA work Programmes.
Activities to be delivered
  • Friendly and Inclusive Spaces Award 2020;
  • Database of exemplary projects;
  • Expanded website and Facebook page;
  • Publications and study visits;
  • Conferences and seminars;
  • Data on existing accredited education and training courses for architects in Design for All, Inclusive & Universal Design;
  • Exhibitions;
  • Standards;
  • Sponsorship; and
  • Events for the next UIA Congress to be held in Rio, Brazil in 2021
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